What Drives Us

OVID winemaker Austin Peterson

Back in my college summers, after working during the day in the vineyard or the cellar, our neighbors allowed me to make my first wines in their home-built stone cellar. Fred, the neighbor, was an incredible character and shortly after I would arrive he would meet me down there with a bottle of wine, some snacks and usually a dirty joke or two.

As I would work, he would tell me tales about his adventures – sailing through the Molucca Sea or flying a bi-plane down to Baja to land and camp on the beaches. We would talk about the wines I was making and the bottles we were sharing. Every so often he would bring out a great bottle and while we enjoyed all the wines we shared, the great wines brought even more delight. That time with Fred and those wines linger in my memories.

Just as the memories of that neighbor and his wines continue to bring pleasure, I am so pleased to share our OVID wines with you and hope they bring you the same enduring memories.