Behind the Label: Experiment

Experiment wine labels

Inspired by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, the Experiment wines represent our most promising results from the year’s trials. The resulting wines are fluid, requiring an exterior package that conveys this never-ending quest for adventure. Placed in the hands of San Francisco designer Madeleine Corson, the label design stemmed from the idea of a traditional laboratory. She observed the winemaking team and our inaugural vintages in the cellar and was drawn to the precision of the winemaking team and their scientific toolkit.

Labeling Epxeriment wines

The Experiment wine labels were designed to resemble scientific tags, conveying a balance of artistry and science – eccentric curiosity without frivolity. They are affixed to each bottle of wine by hand before a thin ribbon is threaded through a grommet and tied around the neck of the bottle, mimicking a beaker and lab tag. Also detailed is the varietal breakdown of the wine and one-of-a-kind naming convention.

Each vintage and wine is unique unto itself. They provide a window into the minds of the team at OVID during that moment in time. No experiment or exact label will ever be produced again as the pursuit of knowledge continues in the cellar atop Pritchard Hill.