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Estate & Experiment: A Symbiotic Balance

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Intention & Curiosity

One of wine’s most compelling qualities is its nature as a concise, physical, drinkable embodiment of an infinite set of factors, in which each variable is itself a complex collision between nature’s wildness and the measure of human control. The practice of focusing on where one of those variables might lead is the process of intention and experimentation.

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Creativity & Consistency

Our estate wines are, season by season, a deep and exacting record of our terroir. The Experiment wines are a more ephemeral response to the limitless complexities of grapegrowing and winemaking. In this way, the two wines go hand-in-hand, wines of place and wines of concept, each illuminating the other.

Solid and grounded, OVID is the body; Fluid and seeking, Experiment the mind. OVID speaks to a constant – the earth – while Experiment manifests the inescapable nature of change and variability. In this way, the two embody the famous paradox noted by Ovid: “everything changes, but nothing is truly lost.”

Estate Wines

We produce four distinct red wine bottlings from our fifteen acre estate vineyard

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OVID Napa Valley


OVID Hexameter



OVID Syrah



loc. cit.

Loc. Cit.


Experiment Wines

Experimentation is critical in our toolbox of discovery, which we deploy in service of learning but also in the spirit in which a jazz musician improvises, in pursuit of beauty and delight. Similarly, great winemaking is constant experimentation, endless curiosity and always drawing a conclusion that informs the next question.

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