{ 2021 White Experiment W8.1 }

Tasting Note

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2021 White Experiment W8.1 Front Label

{ Background and Aims }

2021 marked the second consecutive year of low rainfall across much of the region and a fantastic year for California. Conditions at the estate did not differ. February and March proved to be mild, extending budbreak into April. Bloom and set passed without an issue; however, the drier winters of months past led to a slightly smaller crop than normal. The vines flourished in the temperate summer months, which set the stage for an early harvest. We started picking white varieties on August 13. These wines have proved to be delicate and complex, reflective of the long and delightful growing season that was 2021.

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{ Methodology }

To re-imagine how white wine in California can be fully realized, we threw out the rulebook and deliberately chose not to focus on a single site, varietal or style. The W series is imagination set free; ingenuity unbound. W8.1 integrates nine grape varieties – each from a different appellation, ranging from coastal mountain tops to rocky valley floors.

{ Conclusion }

Working with growers from around California provided the ultimate off-the-beaten-track perspective, while farming conversations among the vines, long commutes to far-flung sites and in-between moments of quiet reflection provided fresh inspiration that elevated our effort.