{ 2021 Red Experiment T7.1 }

Tasting Note

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{ Background and Aims }

Among the many variables of fermentation, temperature plays a key role. It influences a wide variety of factors, from how quickly the fermentation proceeds to how much tannin and color are extracted from the skins. Results of these chemical changes affect the aroma, texture and balance of the finished wine.

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{ Methodology }

We’ve long fermented most of our wines in the mid-80°F range. With this experiment, we were curious to ferment one lot at 70°F. Although a small difference in temperature, it might provide us with wines that have even more of what we are continually striving for – freshness, vibrancy and balance.

{ Conclusion }

The result, 2021 Experiment T7.1, emanates notes of mulberry, blackberry, forest floor and baking spice, complemented by aromas of cocoa bean, kola nut, cherry and graphite. Vibrant and powerful on the palate, this wine is dense and rich without being ostentatious – sapid in a cleanly delineated and detailed way. Certainly, this is an experiment worth consideration now and for many years to come.