{ White Experiment W7.0 }

Tasting Note

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2020 White Experiment W7.0 wine label

{ Background and Aims }

2020 was an extraordinary climate year across California. Winter was relatively warm and dry, leading the vines to an earlier than average budbreak. Early June heat provided a little stress to the vines and shifted them to producing luscious fruit. Fairly cool weather followed from late June into early August – ideal ripening conditions.

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{ Methodology }

To re-imagine how white wine in California can be fully realized, we threw out the rulebook and deliberately chose not to focus on a single site, varietal or style. The W series is imagination set free; ingenuity unbound. W7.0 integrates five grape varieties – each from a different appellation, ranging from coastal mountain tops to rocky valley floor.

{ Conclusion }

Working with growers from around California provided the ultimate off-the-beaten-track perspective, while farming conversations among the vines, long commutes to far-flung sites and in-between moments of quiet reflection provided fresh inspiration that elevated our effort. The result, we believe, is a complete and compelling expression of a new point of view on white wine.