{ Red Experiment N4.9 }

Tasting Note

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Red Experiment Label 2019 N4.9

{ Background and Aims }

Seeking an external frame of reference to reshape ideas and inspire new ones, we purchased a small amount of fruit from a neighboring vineyard. We learned the why and how of our colleague’s site, studying its row orientation and trellis setup. This different approach allowed us to learn and improve upon what we do here at the estate.

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{ Methodology }

The spectacular 2019 vintage started with a wet winter, similar to the stunning 2010 and 2017 growing seasons. Full soil reservoirs and a cool start to the year pushed budbreak to mid-April, a little later than normal. Early June heat slowed the vines’ growth and the shoots reached ideal length.

{ Conclusion }

The weather then turned to a little cooler than average as the vines began their switch from growing shoots to focusing on the tender fruit. Veraison was quick with a warmer mid-August ensuring a rapid finish. Harvest saw foggy mornings and long, pleasant days, gracing us with a luxurious pace.