{ Red Experiment M2.6 }

Tasting Note

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2016 Red Experiment M2.6 wine label

{ Background and Aims }

Merlot can be a tricky grape to grow on Pritchard Hill, and only one block is planted to this variety. As a consequence, we hadn’t made a Merlot-focused blend prior to Experiment M2.6. Our goal was to study the effects of Merlot, particularly with an eye toward ageability.

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{ Methodology }

Each lot was barreled down and aged separately for 12 months after fermentation. Then, the lots were tasted and blended to create a wine of 47% Merlot. This was then aged for an additional 8 months prior to bottling.

{ Conclusion }

There was never any doubt of Merlot’s nobility or strength in carrying a blend. This Experiment cemented its important contributions to a blend, adding mid-palate, richness and softer tannins. All of these attributes are greatly accentuated in this wine. Time will ultimately answer the aging question, but Merlot certainly contributes mightily and pulls together its brawnier siblings in a graceful way that we are confident will progress beautifully.