{ Red Experiment N1.4 }

Tasting Note

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2014 Red Experiment N1.4 wine label

{ Background and Aims }

Until 2014, everything we made came from the estate. The N1.4 represents our first venture beyond the elevation of Pritchard Hill. It also represents the opportunity we had to challenge our notions about how we do things – to keep our perspective fresh. In this case, we chose to make some wine from a nearby vineyard, selecting a block planted to the same clone as one of our blocks. The farming of this vineyard also remains organic to this day and is a bit more generous with water and nutrients than we are at OVID. Our aim with this purchased fruit was to challenge our farming and maximize the potential of our site.

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{ Methodology }

Two tons of fruit was purchased from this vineyard and brought to our winery. It was crushed, fermented and aged in the same manner as all of our estate fruit. Observations were recorded and this wine was bottled on its own on the same day as the rest of the OVID wines.

{ Conclusion }

The wine from the nearby vineyard proved to be quite good. Rich and lush, it also displays some notes of tobacco and rhubarb, flirting with the greener characteristics of Cabernet – notes that will only add to the complexity of the wine over time. In the end, our experiment confirmed our more restrained farming style and encouraged us to continue to pursue it.