{ Red Experiment E.04 }

Tasting Note

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Experiment 2004 E0.4 wine label

{ Background and Aims }

This was our very first wine from our young vines. Made at a custom crush facility, this bottling was our first experimentation with the estate and its promise.

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{ Methodology }

In 2004, four years after planting our vines, we had our very first crop. Our winery wasn’t yet finished only the cave was complete – so we made this wine at a custom crush facility. We carefully blended and then bottled at our newly finished estate.

{ Conclusion }

With an excellent 2005 vintage – our first from start to finish completely done at the estate – it ultimately became our first release. We would return to this wine over the coming years and admire its presence – so encouraging and delicious for our first crop. Finally, in 2011, we decided to share it. Given that it was our first exploration of what our estate could be, it seemed fitting to classify it as an Experiment wine.